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Photo Gallery

Safety Stop Friends

These guys are hard to get pics of because they hide in the sand


Hogfish snacking in Key Largo

Nick B

Nick trying out his new Hollis backplate in Key Largo, FL

Grouper bites

Well...not yet. He currently resides on Molasses Reef in Key Largo.

Colorful Angelfish

Do you know what kind of fish this is?

Coral of Key Largo

Beautiful coral needs to be protected or we'll lose our precious reefs.

French Angel Fish

They always look like they're crying.


Jan giving us the thumbs up...or are we going up? :)

Stingray Key Largo

Stingray we got to see on our Key Largo group dive trip April 2018.


Group trip to Key Largo FL 04.2018

Scrawled Filefish

I love these guys! Key Largo group dive trip April 2018


A big beautiful Parrotfish hiding under the reef. Key Largo 04/2018

Midnight Parrotfish

Key Largo Group Dive Trip April 2018

2 divers having fun in Key Largo

2 divers who joined us on our Key Largo Trip

Checkout dives

New students on check out dives with the instructor

friendly nurse shark

Nurse shark sleeping under a ledge

Protect our reefs

protect our reefs so beautiful fish like these have homes

students on check out dives

2 students enjoying their checkouts dives in Key Largo

Congrats to new students

This student did great on his open water check out dives! Congrats!

Yum! Lobster

This lobster knows he's protected. Key Largo group dive trip 04/2018.

Arrow Crab

Arrow Crab hanging out by an anemone

Tiny shrimp in anenome

do you see his little eyes?

Coral Head found in Gulf

Coral head found by owner Stephanie Chlebowski

cute little red grouper puppy

seems suspicious

Huge Caribbean Starfish

Bigger than my head!

little shy Gobe

peek a boo

graceful jellyfish

floating or the jelly?

another beautiful day diving

It doesn't get any better than diving in these conditions!

red grouper friend

Puppies of the sea

lots of little creatures in the Gulf

underwater exploring

Lionfish for dinner?

I think he just ate half the reef!

Great spearfishing locally

whoa! that's a nice fish, man!

Florida Springs diving

do you ever dive the springs of FL?

Boca Grande trestle

Headed out for some nighttime waters with a beautiful sunset near Boca Grande.

Let's go spearfishing!

The West Coast of FL has some of the best spearfishing in FL

Lionfish "relocation"

We're so lucky these fish are so tasty!


What's the biggest lobster you've ever gotten? Yes, it was caught here in our local waters!

I love Amberjack

Not to eat! They're friendly fish!

friendly shark likes scuba divers

Why you shouldn't be afraid of sharks..

crystal clear waters to dive

YES! This is right here in our back yard...or should I say waters here off our coast.

scuba class check out dives

Don't you want to go on checkout dives? Then get certified today!

inside pictures of our shop
we carry many brands
largest selection around
you gotta see these fish tanks!
inside the shop
mesmerizing aquariums
Open water scuba class

skills dives

Whale sharks

Are you one of the lucky ones that have been diving with these enormous creatures?

spearfishing our local waters

You can never have enough spearfishing equipment...right?

Cobia speared in local waters

Cobia speared in our Gulf of Mexico

U.S.S Mohawk

This ship is beautiful! You've got to dive it!

coming up from a dive

Do you always make a controlled ascent from your dive?

diving in Gulf out of Stump Pass

Headed up the line. Dive over....until the next!

Family time scuba diving

Diving with family is the best!

Lionfish invasions

Get those lion fish!

Fish as big as you!

Winning fish in the Englewood Open Spearfishing Tournament

goofy sleeping turtle

We woke him up, I think!


so pretty but so bad

Hogfish speared here in local waters

Great shooting, Joe!

gotta show off your speared fish

Fish pics! Yummy!

Englewood Spearfishing Tournament

Did you enter the tournament?

Dive trip in Deerfield Beach FL

Have you ever joined us on a group trip? You need to! They're always so much fun!

Underwater Selfie

Don't forget to take your camera with you.

scuba class certification dives

Are you certified to dive? If not, why not? Do it today!

Cow fish FL Keys

These guys are so awkward

Spear fishing Stump Pass FL

Some of the winning fish of the tournament

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