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Epcot DiveQuest, 2017

On March 3rd, 2017, 12 divers descended into an vast body of water (Well, a 5.7 million gallon salt water aquarium) with high hopes of being blown away by the amount of aquatic life held in it. Fortunately, their expectations were surpassed. With over 6,000 species of sea-life they explored and swam with sand tiger sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, and species of fish that some have never seen up close before!

But don't worry, the stingrays and sharks are well fed and very gentle. Having done this only once before, I would recommend new divers, children, and even experienced divers to dive the Living Seas. Its a extremely controlled environment maxing out at only 28ft. So if you have any reservations about deep water diving, or if you're a little nervous about seeing a shark for the first time, its a great fin in the door kind of experience (buh-dun tiss). We offer this trip once to two times a year. Our next Epcot Dive Excursion will take place on May 20th, 2017 and with spots are limited. Don't miss out on an experience this cool!

"It was so cool, I've never seen a sand tiger shark so it was a really cool first experience for me. I loved the whole thing. It was definitely worth it!" -KoDee Bravo

"I wasn't able to do the last Epcot trip but I"m so glad I did it this time. The sharks were really cool to see, but the stingrays were the best part. They have this really cool ray in there named Luna, shes massive! Its awesome!" -Nathan Camechis

"I really liked the dive, it was a lot different then I thought it was. There was a lot of really cool fish and sharks. It was fun." -Fred Edwards

The best thing about this excursion is that its fun for the whole family, safe and stress free. Everything is provided for you including tanks, weights, fins, BCDs, and regs.

We will be adding our videos and photos from the dive to our facebook and instagram page, don't forget to check us out!

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