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Shark Encounter in Bimini

We had such an amazing experience shark diving with Bimini Underseas in Bimini, Bahamas. We took the FRS Caribbean Ferry there and that's when the adventure began. We enjoyed a fast, comfortable ride there. Then we were shuttled to Bimini Underseas where we boarded the boat and headed out on our adventure. Although we didn't see any Hammerhead sharks this time, we got to dive with these sharks! These beautiful creatures moved gracefully through the water swimming among our group. We all got to see them up close to get great pics and video. Sadly, the dive had to end due to time so we hopped back on the boat to head back to the dive shop. Bimini Underseas took such great care of us throughout the entire trip! Once back on board the FRS Ferry, we all got to share our thoughts and pictures of our experience while sipping on some drinks and eating snacks together. We enjoyed traveling with everyone and getting to dive together! Hope we can do it again soon.


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