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Meet the Team

Joe - Instructor
Spero Soros - Shop/ Instructor

Spero is originally from Seattle, Washington. He has been a scuba instructor for 6 years teaching in the Pacific northwest, Hawaii, and now Florida. Spero and his fiancee Kate moved to Florida in November 2020. They met working together at Jacks Diving Locker in Kona, Hawaii and have been teaching scuba together ever since. He loves to teach scuba and get more people to join in on this wonderful sport. His favorite type of diving is looking for the small and tiny creatures in the sand and coral. Ask him about cold water diving, scuba gear, and dive knives.


Kate Carroll - Shop/ Instructor

Kate is originally from Pennsylvania. She has been teaching scuba for 8 years in Deleware, Hawaii, Pacific northwest, and now Florida. Kate is a Marine biologist and spent 6 years in Hawaii going to Univeristy of Hawaii at Hilo. She met her fiancee Spero working at Jacks Diving Locker in Kona, Hawaii and they have been teaching together ever since. Kate loves to dive and check out the coral and turtles. Ask Kate about Fish, Corals, and Turtles.

scott laderer 1.jpg
Scott Laderer - Instructor

A Rotonda West resident, Scott is an SSI Instructor who can train dive professionals including Dive Masters and Assistant Instructors as well as a Technical/Extended Range Instructor.  In addition to his work as an instructor, Scott loves travel and photography, both above and below the waves.  He and his wife Maureen were hooked on diving after a single "Try Scuba Diving" class in Barbados and enjoy diving throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond.  Scott also organizes and leads several group dive trips a year, providing professional leadership for the divers who join him.  When not diving, Scott enjoys visiting our national parks and other outdoor recreation, playing guitar and listening to live music and loves to cook (and eat) with fine wines and tequila.


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