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Youth Summer Camp

Does your child love the water? Need a one day camp or a week long camp for the summer break? Keep your kids active by signing them up to get scuba diving certified. 

Kids snorkel camp day

Kids Snorkel Camp Day

Ages 8-16 years old • One day Course • Learn how to snorkel

Are your kids excited by the ocean and all its incredible marine life?  Splash into **Kids Snorkel Camp Day** and experience fun-filled, ocean-oriented activities! 

This pool-based camp day is ideal for kids aged 8-16 who are already swimmers.  Campers snorkel alongside our SSI professionals who guide them every fin-kick of the way.  They work with campers one-on-one and in a group setting to perfect snorkeling skills through interactive games and activities.  Our pros share valuable knowledge, skill development, and, of course, their passion for the ocean! 

Upon completion, campers earn their **SSI Snorkel Diver certification!** They will be ready to dive into our Youth Scuba Camp or begin their Junior Open Water Diver certification (10 years old and up).

Spots in each session are limited, so don’t wait to sign up!

##Do your kids already know how to snorkel? 
Are you looking for something more? Check out our Youth Scuba Camp!

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