Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you rent scuba equipment?
Yes, we do rent scuba equipment including Tanks, B.C.D's, Regulators, Weights and Gear Bags. We also rent snorkel gear as well as mask, snorkel, fins and flags
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  • is there anything to even dive on out here?​
of course there is silly! we have a wide variety of ledges, artificial reefs and wrecks to choose from! Including the U.s.s Mohawk, the Pegasus, and the Bay Ronto     click here for more information on The U.S.S Mohawk>>
  • what types of courses do you offer?
 We are a NAUI Premier Dive Center that offers courses for Open water, Advanced, Rescue and Dive Master! we also have course available for specialty certifications including enriched air nitrox, wreck diving and much more! 
  • Do you offer e-learning?
YES!! We include NAUI e-learning in our course prices so you can do all of your academics and  final exam at the comfort of your own home before you arrive to pool class.
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  • do you offered enriched air/nitrox?
yes we do! we have certified gas blenders and offer nitrox everyday! 
  • do you rent enriched air/nitrox tanks?
yes.  all of our air enriched nitrox tanks that we rent are aluminum 80's mixed up to 36%. 
we can definitely schedule a private class!  We will work with you to arrange a schedule that suits you needs.  call us at 941-698-0499   today to book your private class!
YES!!!! We offer a wide range of servicing. call for information about certain brands! 
  • Are there sharks here?
an easy way to tell if there are sharks in the water is if you put your finger in the water and if its salty when you taste it, there are most likely sharks. ​ you can also track sharks around this area!   
  • Do you offer dive trips weekly? 
Unfortunately we do not run a charter directly through the shop, but we do run group trips to the Keys, East Coast, Crystal River and other cool places to satisfy your diving needs!  If you'd like a referral to a charter in the area, please call us for more info.