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Certification classes

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Discover Scuba Diving

1 day

 Level: Basic 

An instructor will teach you everything you need to know and under their guidance, you will learn the skills you need to enjoy this first experience underwater. Before you start your new experience, you can conveniently study the academics right on your computer, iPad or Smartphone.

Open Water Scuba Diver

 6 days

Level: Basic

As long as you are 10 years old and in good health you can enroll in the Open Water Scuba course.  This course consists of 3 parts: Academics, Pool Training, and Open Water Dives.  Once you've completed the course you will be certified for life!  So sign up now, grab your bathing suit and get ready for some FUN!

Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN)

1 day

Level: Basic 

Want longer no-deco limits, shorter sit times, and feel safer diving?  You'll learn how to plan dives with Nitrox, how to analyze your own tank, and determine maximum depths for your mixture.  The instructor will teach you the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of nitrox.  You will receive a Nitrox Diver certification card. 

Advanced Open Water Diver

 3 days

Level:  Advanced

Gain more confidence and capability with advancing your scuba education.  You will complete six open water dives including 3 separate dives for navigation, night or limited visibility, and deep diving.  Explore some of the many different dives such as boat diving, shore diving, or search and recovery. 

Skin Diver/ Jr Skin Diver

1 day

Your instructor will teach you snorkeling and breath-hold diving.  This certification is for 8 years or older while 5 years and older can enjoy a "Snorkeling for Kids of All Ages" class.


Rescue Diver Course

3-4 days

You must be 15 years or older to become Rescue Diver certified.  You'll learn rescue skills as well as how to avoid, recognize, and solve problems on the surface and underwater. CPR and First Aid are required to complete this course.  This course consist of academics, pool sessions, and open water sessions.

Divemaster Course

at least 3 weeks

Divemaster is a leadership role that is the highest rank with the exception of Instructor.  Once certified you can supervise certified divers on dive trips and vacations as well as assist an Instructor in training and much more.

Assistant Instructor Course

at least 10 days

As an Assistant Instructor you will be certified to teach all aspects of skin and scuba diving under the supervision of an Instructor.  You must be a Master Scuba Diver ans Rescue Diver.  

Scuba Skills Update

1-2 days

The dive leader will review the knowledge you learned in your Open Water Diver class as well as cover any new material. You'll have the opportunity to practice and review the scuba skills you learned in your open water diver class and learn techniques that may have changed.

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